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"Nathaniel R. Goldston III, current BDSA President, stated, "Bill came into my life 40 years ago when we met in Los Angeles at the Western States Golf Tournament. He invited me to a Desert Mashie Tournament in Arizona. I was so impressed that I became a regular participant. Soon after I became a sponsor of what is now known as the Bill Dickey East/West Golf Classic. My mentor, Thomas B. Shropshire, endorsed me to become the second president of the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association. Bill instilled in me the ability to always make sure that we strive for excellence in our events and gave us the desire to memorialize forever his name and to recognize his life works and contributions to the game of golf. Bill was a great man who was dedicated to young people and their dreams in the game of golf and life in general."

During the 30-year anniversary, Dickey revealed the reason behind his passion for helping young people through the game of golf. He said, "Because it helps develop character and integrity.'' No one had more of both than he-a legend whose legacy will loom large over the game for years to come in those he encouraged and supported along the way.
"He was a good friend, a real good friend; a giant; a legend; loved golf; believed that diversity in golf was necessary and, as a volunteer, did more for the game, kids and diversity than anyone I ever met, knew and loved. I am sad and will miss him, really miss him.

Who continues the work he did down through the years? He is irreplaceable for a lot of reasons but his memory is best served by continuing what he put in place. Will that happen?

His passing creates a void of enormous proportions. I am privileged to have been his friend and he mine. I feel incredibly empty ..."     John Merchant
To the family of our beloved Mr. William "Bill" Dickey:

I am truly saddened to learn of the passing of our golfing comrade in service. During his lifetime, Bill enriched the lives of thousands of young and adult minority golfers nationwide. His tireless efforts were a true gift that helped to open the doors of opportunity for many who otherwise would not have experienced such success.

So many people have been touched by Bill's visionary leadership, positive programs and dedicated work through the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association. His foresight and the impact that he made in the minority golfing world will never be forgotten.

Bill was a loyal and devoted supporter of our efforts and, from the very beginning, his wise advice was instrumental in propelling us forward in the golf industry. He will truly be missed.

Bill was a soldier on a mission who gave untold commitment and devotion to all that he pursued. His relentless ambition will continue to live on through the lives of others for years to come.

May God continue to bless his loving wife, Alice, along with members of the family and staff of the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association during this time of sorrow. We shall truly miss his greatness.

Sincerest condolences,

Debert Cook, CMP
Publisher; African American Golfer's Digest
Scott Petty:    My condolences go out to Mr. Dickey's family. He was truly a great man and I am privaleged to have him take an interest in me and assist me in my golfing and education career. My times with him will always be cherished. He was extremely humble and truly cared about what you had to say and he was always a father figure. He will truly be missed and a lot of people are sad that he is gone. Mr. Dickey always shot a 59 in helping others achieve in life!
Dear Mr Polk

Graham Proctor passed on to me the very sad news of Bill Dickey's passing. Our condolences are with the BDSA community; we know first-hand what an important influence he was on the opportunities available to young people who are interested in both golf and continuing their education.

The BDSA was instrumental in assisting with the creation and funding of the New Links Scholarship, which enabled Earl Moorer to attend St Andrews University and gain his MA in 2011. This would not have been possible without the generosity of Bill and the BDSA board.

If there is anything we at St Andrews can do to mark his passing, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

Yours sincerely


Robert Fleming
Director of Development
University of St Andrews
Mr. Fleming,

On behalf of the BDSA and board of directors thank you for your warm words. Mr. Dickey was legendary in his great works and influences in so many young lives. One of the highlights to his accomplishments was the partnership formed with New Links and so many of you in the St. Andrews community who made it possible to send over our first student to study abroad. At the funeral I will make it a point to share your condolences with family and all board members. Thank you all for your great efforts and partnership.


Marcus Polk, M.D., CBA
Anesthesia Consultants of Georgia, LLC
Shasta Averyhardt:    I'd like to thank Mr. Dickey for having a generous and compassionate heart for others. He was a wonderful man and I'm so thankful to have known him. Through his foundation, many of us minority players have benefited greatly, plus establishing continued friendships even after graduation. Thank you Mr. Dickey!
Joe Bramlett:    Rest In Peace Bill Dickey. The impact you've had on myself and young golfers like me will live on forever!
Mary Jan Fernandez-Pappas:    RIP Mr. Bill Dickey - A hero and inspiration to all, especially minority golfers. My sister, Christine Pearl Frye and I started playing golf when Mr. Dickey entered our lives. What a role model! He opened doors for many golfers and provided scholarships to those who needed a little "nudge". We will always remember this great man and keep him close to our hearts. My condolences and prayers go out to his family and loved ones.
ALUMNI CHALLENGE: Let's continue his legacy!
Women In Golf Foundation, Inc.:    The Women In Golf Foundation in its quest to grow the game of golf, wraps their organization around a Hero, Bill Dickey, who in his ultimate gift to Youth, gave of himself and his organization, The Bill Dickey Scholarship Association, to further advance the genius in Youth through the power of golf and its precepts.

We are greatly saddened of the passing of Bill Dickey and hereby do lend our hearts, prayers and love to Alice and the Bill Dickey family.

To date, we have had a wonderful relationship and our organization has moved forward with the wisdom and support of Bill Dickey.

You have our prayers and whatever The Women in Golf Foundation can do to strengthen the family and The Bill Dickey Scholarship Association. We will be here, always committed to the vision.


LaJean Gould
And the Women In Golf Foundation
It is with great sorrow that Zelma and I acknowledge the passing of Mr. Bill Dickey, a man of compassion, conviction, and courage. He will always be remembererd for his unwavering support and devotion to providing greater opportunities in the sport of golf for the minority student golfers in this nation. His creation of the BDSA will forever be recognized as the foundation and perpetuation of golf for monority youth. The sport of golf has lost a great champion.

Dr. James Frank
Vice President/Chairman of Scholarship Committee
On behalf of Williams & Stroble we would like to convey our sincerest condolences to the Dickey family, friends, colleagues and associates.

Eugene Williams
CEO, Williams & Stroble
Dear Dickey Family,

My family and I wanted to simply write a note to the Dickey family to let you know how saddened I was to hear of Bill Dickey's passing. His life has touched so many people young and old. Bill Dickey was a wonderful man who cared so much about his family, his work and the community. The golf industry has lost a pioneer. We will all certainly mourn his loss; but heaven has gained one of the great ones.

Bill Dickey has always led by serving others. His very presence was a gift. He was the epitome of a servant leader and will definitely be sorely missed. His legacy though, will live on through the rest of us - and the many young lives he has touched.

I know his family is mourning his passing, but I join you to help celebrate the rich life that he lived. No one knew him better than you, the immediate family. But on behalf of his extended family, we knew him as a hero! What an honor to have made his acquaintance. It has also been my personal privilege and honor to serve on the Board for the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association. He will never be forgotten. His legacy will continue to live on in all of our lives.

Warmest Regards,

Tony Dozier
TDC Systems Integration
October 18, 2012
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To the inventors family - my deepest sympathy

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Pamela Ivy Whyte, CLTC:  Oh, Gosh, There are no words...........My deepest Sympathy to Alice and the family.
Joseph Beauchamp:  I am so sorry to hear about Bill, please express my deepest sympathy to the family.
Paul Sawyer:  I am sorry to hear of the organization's loss, the family is in my prayers.

I am so sorry to hear of the passing of Mr. Bill Dickey, a remarkable leader and golf promoter. Please send us an address where we can send cards etc. I am sure there will be a Bill Dickey scholarship in memorial and contributions should be sent there? His legacy for helping our youth and having fabulous fun golf outings will forever live on!
May he rest in peace.


Judge Denise Langford Morris  Bill was a great guy and we will continue to support the association.
Our sympathy to his family and the organization!
I can remember first meeting Mr. Dickey as a kid with my father when we played in the Ebony Seaview Golf Group in Seaside, CA; seeing him at Western States Golf Tournaments; and then receiving a scholarship when I went off to play at Jackson State University in MS.

He was a good man and a good friend…it is very sad to see such an icon gone.
He will be missed.

Hugh Smith, Jr.
Executive Director
The First Tee of Phoenix
Chuck Walker:  Please pass along my condolences. Words cannot describe the impact and legacy that Mr. Dickey leaves behind. Let me know what I can do to be of support and assistance towards ensuring that his inspiration continues for years to come.
Please extend my sincere and deepest sympathies to the entire Bill Dickey Family.
As I will not be there physically, I will certainly be thinking of all from here in Ohio.

This is a huge loss for all of golf.

Renee Powell
Please convey my deepest sympathy on the untimely death of Bill. Please tell his wife if there is anything she needs, please let me know.

I love you all,

California Black Chamber of Commerce
He was a very kind man to All .... He was always a joy to be around ....Happy person.

Mike Lindsey
Director of Golf Operations
McCormick Ranch Golf Club

Bert Walllace, Brooklyn Guardsman:  With Love  My sympathy for Bill will miss him and all his work.
Maggie Noël:  I send my deepest and dearest condolences. I am still blessed to witness the blessings this man has brought into my life. I thank him and all of the staff over there for the continued hard work and dedication to furthering minority golfers like myself through helping with education and the sport along.
Mel Wilcox:  I am so sorry to hear of Bill's passing. He was a great friend and a great man.

Article written by: Denney, Bob.  "I N    M E M O R I A M"  PGA MAGAZINE.COM November 2012.
Khrisna O. Greene Sr . Family:  I'm deeply saddened by the passing of Mr. Dickey. He was a community activist and fine example of a true golf professional. My family and I wish to extend our sincere condolences and plan on attending the services.
With our prayers for the family
Gloria Shelton:  Wow. We lost a giant.
Emma Mosley:  Our deepest sympathies are with the family at this difficult time. I will forward memorial arrangement information as I receive it.
Booker Evans:  I am so sorry to hear that.
Bob Walker:  Johnnie, Norma,
Very sad to hear of Bill's passing. The country is a little worse off with the loss of this great man and his support of our youth.
I will be on a plane Oct 26. Please express my condolences to the family.
Cheryl Proctor:  We, our Family is so sad to hear about Mr. Dickey's passing. I know he had been struggling.
Bless his heart as we all loved him.
Article written by: Bill Huffman; Arizona Golf Association, October 19, 2012

Warren Dance :   I just saw the news of Mr. Dickey's passing at this late date and am shocked and saddened. I am sad for a couple of reasons. First, our community lost a wonderful person who was dedicated to youth and the great game of golf. Secondly, I am very sorry I never got the chance to meet him. I went to the 2011 BDI Tournament in Atlanta with my son who played in it, and unfortunately Mr. Dickey's health did not permit him to make the trip. I was excited about possibly seeing him later this spring, only just now realizing that this will not be possible. I am shocked at this news because so often we forget momentarily that giants in our society are human too. We think they will always be there in our lives and community, but what lives on are the spirits and ideas of such persons. I know the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association will be a continuing monument to the work of the giant that was Bill Dickey.

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