Continuing Students:

On behalf of the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association (BDSA) we wish Continuing Students the best as you proceed to complete the 2017 - 2018 required scholarship document.   Outlined below are instructions for you to consider as you continue the scholarship process.

Continuing Students:  Currently enrolled in the Bill Dickey Scholarship Association's program.

We are excited to implement this new policy and procedure as follows:

You are only required to complete a Bill Dickey Scholarship Association Questionnaire at the end of each semester if there are changes in the required information outlined on the form.  The purpose of the form outlined below is to obtain current information on the school you will attend, and to determine how you would like your scholarship funds allocated.  You are no longer required to submit a scholarship application and essay questions.

  • The BDSA staff will not mail the BDSA Questionnaire to you.  As a continuing student, it is your responsibility to submit this form ( changes only)  along with your current transcript upon completion of each semester, no later than 15 days after your semester ends.  Failure to follow these guidelines could result in forfeiting your scholarship.
  • Continuing students must maintain a 2.5 GPA each semester.  This is a new addendum to the scholarship guidelines.
  • Thoroughly review the Continuing Student Scholarship Guidelines before proceeding.  
    Please click here for the Continuing BDSA Questionnaire.
    Important Reminder: Official Transcript and Continuing BDSA Questionnaire are required 15 days after each semester.