The Bill Dickey East/West Golf Classic
The BDSA will not host the East/West Golf Classic in January of 2018. Our aspiration is for the 2019 East/West event to be one of the most memorable ever. Stay tuned as we aim to incorporate new elements that will inspire you, your colleagues and friends to join us.

The Bill Dickey Scholarship Association's [BDSA] major fund raising event is the Bill Dickey East/West Golf Classic held annually in January. The number of participants attending the event has ranged from as 550 players/participants to 132 players/participants. Since the change in the economy the number of players has fluctuated. This event has received national accolades as a direct result of excellent tournament sponsor's and participant's support. Currently, the change in venue from Phoenix, Arizona to Orlando, Florida has generated interest due to the outstanding golf courses and great weather.

This year we are looking forward to hosting the Bill Dickey East/West Celebrity Golf Classic at the Rosen Centre Hotel in Orlando, Florida. Your continued financial support makes it possible to offer scholarships to increasingly talented and deserving students. To date, we have awarded over $3.6 million in scholarships to over 1000 minority students nationwide.

In addition, our goal is to broaden the horizons toward youth leadership, development and academic achievement. We have had a major impact in this area through the Bill Dickey Invitational Junior Golf Championship.

Bill Dickey Invitational Junior Golf Championship (BDI)
The tournament was implemented for the purpose of identifying college scholarships candidates and providing an internationally recognized and highly competitive venue for the country's top minority junior golf talent. The Bill Dickey Invitational Junior Golf Championship enables 40+ minority junior and high school players with single-digit handicaps to compete in a 36-hole medal play tournament.  The experience is invaluable!
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The BDSA Alumni Association was designed to fully support the organization by building and enhancing our alumni base. The best way to help continue that vision is to look towards all alumni and enlist your membership. The Alumni Association will work hard to build and grow a strong membership network, while being committed to support the mission of the BDSA and the youth it serves.
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East West Celebrity Golf Classic

Bill Dickey Invitational (BDI) Junior Golf Championship
The Club at Ibis
West Palm Beach, FL
June 24-27, 2018

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18th Annual June 2017 BDI

East West Celebrity Golf Classic

Bill Dickey East/West Celebrity Golf Classic

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