The 14th Annual BDI Girls & Boy Results

The top Girl Winners
1st-4th Place

Girls Played from the: White Tees - Slope 141- Rating 75.4 - Yardage 5900
1st Place: Lauren Waller Cannonburg, PA 36-77=113
2nd Place: Alex Wright Midlothian, VA 40-75=115
3rd Place: Maria Davis Vallejo, CA 35-81=116
4th Place: Arita Harris Apopka, FL 39-80=119

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The top Boy Winners
1st-4th Place

Boys Played from the Blue Tees - Slope 138 - Rating 72.7 - Yardage 6750
1st Place: Charles Griffin Martinez, GA 36-79=115
2nd Place: Joseph Stills Pensacola, FL 37-78=115
3rd Place: Malik Luckett Memphis, TN 39-78=117
4th Place: Jarett Croff Cordova, TN 38-79=117

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14th Annual BDI 27- Hole Tournament, due to Inclement Weather